Tricks and Games

The spiders invade !

- For the spiders' bodies: Ping-Pong balls, polyester balls, solid paper balls, ...; paint them black.
- For their six hairy legs: thick black wool, strip liquorice, ...
- For the eyes: paint or stickers.
- Hang the spiders on a string or an elastic band fixed to the ceiling with sticky tape. If possible, hang it in a doorway so the person entering comes nose to nose with the spider as the door opens! Surprise!

A frothing mini-pumpkin

Cut the top off an orange and carve out the flesh with a (curved) grapefruit knife. Decorate it with felt-tips and make holes for the eyes and the mouth as for a Halloween pumpkin. Put a teaspoon of instant coffee inside and add cola; the froth bubbling out of the eyes and mouth is really revolting!

A marshmallow on a string !

Thread a marshmallow into the middle of a string about 2 ft long. The two competitors each put an end of the string in their mouths. Ready! Steady! ... Without using their hands, each tries to reach the marshmallow the first, and eat it of course.

Duck apple !

Thread a number of apples onto separate pieces of string and hang them from the ceiling. The game is to bite (and eat) your apple with your hands tied behind your back. To make it easier, play in teams: two of you try to bite the same apple! The first team to finish their apple wins. A popular variant is to float the apples in salad bowls 2/3rds filled with water and try to eat them without using your hands.

Foul fishing

Fill a salad bowl with soft-cooked noodles liberally mixed with tomato ketchup, ... and organise a session of Foul fishing! Hide three tiny objects in the bowl (coins, buttons, lucky charms, matchbox cars, ...). Competitors (are blindfolded and) have thirty seconds each to discover the nature of the objects using their ultra-keen sense of touch! The items should be changed for each competitor in turn.