Halloween recipes

Delicious creamy pumpkin !

Put 250 g of leeks, 250 g of tomatoes or carrots, a branch of celery, 1.5 kg of pumpkin, all cut into small pieces, and 100 g of butter in a stewpan. Add sufficient water, cover and cook over a low heat. Add slightly more than 250 g of sliced potatoes and a litre of stock. Do not let the brew boil but simmer gently for half an hour and then put it through a mixer. When it becomes creamy, you know you have succeeded! Add 250 g of double cream !!!!! ... Blazou, the Ghost of Good Taste's mouth is watering. Add croutons for those who really adore good food !

Floating eye punch

To make the eyes, put a blueberry (a type of large bilberry) in each cup of a plastic egg-box. Fill them with water and leave in the deep freeze for at least two hours. Make the punch with orange juice, grape juice and orange sorbet. Just before serving, add the eyes and some fizzy water; the eyes will watch you drinking!!

Baby choux royal (chouquettes)

Recipe sent in by Morgane de Serna
Take six baby choux (not à la crème) and eight marshmallows.
On as revolting a dish as you can find, place a row of baby choux alternated with marshmallows. Place another row checkerboard fashion, and once again. Do the same for the upper layer, placing a marshmallow on a chou, ... ! Cover it all with a thick layer of DELICIOUSLY SQUIDGY chantilly, ... and a generous GURGLE-GURGLE of grenadine!!!!! Get ready to dig in!!!!!!!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN, and GOOD EATING!!!!!!!!!

Honey-roast veal or pork

(Ask your mum or dad to make this recipe.) Prepare the meat as usual, and roast it on a bed of sliced onions. To make the honey sauce, melt 50 g to 100 g of sugar (according to the weight of the roast) in a saucepan over a brisk heat. When the sugar starts to turn brown, stir it gently to make sure the caramel is all liquid, and take it off the heat. Add boiling water to stop the caramelisation. Add half a cup of white wine and stir again. Put the resulting caramel on a low heat adding a few drops of vinegar, some juice from the roast or from a previously prepared stock, and one or two (three if you like!) spoonfuls of honey. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour the sauce over the half cooked roast and baste freely while cooking. Place the roast under the grill for the last five minutes, and baste even more frequently. To respect the Ancient Gallic tradition, serve the roast with turnips, lentils, and Horn of Plenty mushrooms.

Nolo loves good food so much that he always makes more sauce than he needs to go with the turnips!!!