Halloween disguises

Some advice to make sure you have the perfect makeup: wash your face carefully and rinse with cold water; this will close your pores and prevent the makeup from soaking into your skin. Put a Vaseline base on your face, followed by a white foundation. Then, using red or black, a single colour for choice, accentuate all your features until they are really gruesome!
How ghastly ! ! ! !
And a few ideas on disguises
  • The witch: strikes terror into passers-by with her pointed hat and black cape, her hooked nose and her broomstick!
  • The phantom: a white sheet.
  • The skeleton: a black body stocking with white tape for bones, a white base for your face adding black to accentuate the sides of your face, your eyes and teeth.
  • The hunchback
  • The pumpkin

For more information : "Secrets et mystères d'Halloween"
édition Jacques Grancher, Paris, France