A hundred infallible ideas
for making Halloween a success

Halloween is a celebration of your imagination!!!

Our site recommends you try the game below :
Sit down with friends, close your eyes, and listen carefully
while one of you reads the 100 words below.
By the end, you will surely have thought of a number
of top ideas that will make Halloween a great success.
If you haven't
- and that will be most disappointing -
try the book "Secrets et mystères d'Halloween",
published by Jacques Grancher Paris France.
It gives over 250 ideas!!!

Imagination, fantasy, phantasm, dream, without limits, evasion, inspiration, excessive, exaggeration, lucubration, madness, farce, joke, obscurity, half-light, moonlight, hoax, mystification, buffoonery, clowning, shadows, backstage, secret, mystery, enigma, phantom
Soothsaying, prediction, sardonic, demoniac, satanic, unbearable, appalling, corrosive, evil, pernicious, excessive, odious, atrocious, uncontrollable, slash, scar, pallid, cadaverous, sickly, viscous, gluey, slimy, oily, green, foggy, misty, chain, macabre

Lantern, pale, dim, bedlam, haunted castle, manor, marsh, cemetery, cave, forest, clearing, silence, cry, bat, black cat, wolf, disguise oneself, incarnate, personify, pretend to believe, frighten oneself.

Spectre, ghost, haunted, appear/disappear, vision, grating, hissing, clanking, cracking, sighing, wailing, dread, anxiety, apprehension, dismay, fear, dread, scary, horror, panic, terror, transmutation, disintegration, putrefaction, gangrene, laceration, demon

Secrets et mystères d'Halloween", (Halloween Secrets and Mysteries)
published by Jacques Grancher Paris France