Halloween: from Ireland to the USA

While the Celtic culture and way of life disappeared in Europe, popular Samain traditions continued to be celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and parts of England.

One of the traditional dishes served at Halloween in Ireland is called callcannon. A ring, a dice, a china doll, and a coin are hidden in this dish made of pureed potatoes, parsnips, and fried onions. The person who finds the ring will be married within the year, who discovers the china doll will give birth, and who discovers the dice will never marry. The person who is lucky enough to discover the coin will be rich.

Following the Great Famine in Ireland, a vast wave of Irish emigrants left for the USA in 1846 -1848, taking their Halloween traditions with them. This included one of their most popular Halloween characters, Jack-o'-lantern.

For more information : "Secrets et mystères d'Halloween"
édition Jacques Grancher, Paris, France