Halloween in the USA

At the end of the 19th C, Halloween, with all its games, fortune-telling and the "Trick-or-treat" tradition, became a National Holiday in the USA.

In the US today, many shops do more business at Halloween than at Christmas. An incredible number of films, cartoon films and TV series involve Halloween night scenes. Even ET and Woody Allen have taken part!

Although strictly speaking Halloween is on the night of 31 October only, American children start preparing from the beginning of the month. They decorate their houses, design their disguises, prepare pillowcases for their trick-or-treats to be able to collect as much candy as possible.

The disguises and decorations mostly involve witches, black cats, phantoms, skeletons, fortune-tellers, vampires, werewolves, pumpkins, ...

The evening ends with each singing, dancing and acting in his or her own way, and telling the most horrible stories ...

For more information : "Secrets et mystères d'Halloween"
édition Jacques Grancher, Paris, France