Ten rules of security for adults offering sweets or candy to make sure the trick-or-treat is a success

If you are a parent, organise the route your children will be taking and their timetable. Keep the school and shopkeepers informed.
Put your name on the list of parents who accept trick-or-treaters.
Decorate and light your house to show you will give candy to trick-or-treaters.
If you do not wish to be visited, turn off your lights.
Dress up in a disguise.
Only offer wrapped sweets.
Prepare a large sack full of sweets and keep it next to the front door.
Keep your front door closed and wait for your visitors to ring. You can then give them a fright when you open the door (just a little one!).
Never invite children into the house.
Ask trick-or-treaters to sing a short song, a couple of lines only, but don't expect too much. They are waiting for you to give them sweets/candy.