The Samain
The official Halloween cake

Le Samain Why invent the Samain?
The Samain is a kissing cousin to the innumerable pumpkins that have been hollowed out and carved to make the most terrifying faces imaginable. The Americans light them from the inside and put them by their front and back doors on Halloween Night.
The tradition is based on the mysterious Jack-o-lanternlegend ...

Le Samain The Samain is also linked to the Irish "callcannon" tradition. It has three tiny beans, with 2 faces, one of them telling the future, and the other strange and fearful tales ...
It can also be light from inside by a candle.

What is the secret of this illuminated cake?

Buy one from your bakery or cake shop.
You'll be in for a big surprise!!!

Bakers and confectioners: the Samain is made with a patented mould. One has been specially reserved for you, contact us.